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A rainy day in May

May 15, 2017

Hello, to who ever happens to read this. Today it is extremely rainy, a excellent day for writing and drinking coffee, I have had quite the week with a bachelor party for my best friend and also a mothers day trip to a nice, yet creepy tiny town in Vermont yesterday. Several hundred miles and some money has been spent but it has been great. Recently I had dealt with mixed feelings about my best friends wedding and party, I guess part of me had trouble accepting that we were getting older and being grown ups lol. I had so much fun hanging out with my best friends. A little back story for how we met, it was middle school and I was a loser, apparently so was he, we had to choose locker buddies and low and behold no one chose us so we were paired together, who knew that a simple pairing would have turned into a nearly 15 year friendship that is still ongoing, to now where i am going to be giving a best man speech, no pressure right. I guess part of me was tripping down memory lane, kind of wishing I could go back, well maybe not all the way back because high school was a shit storm of events, eventually partially inspiring my first screenplay which i am proud to say is published on amazon. I guess the rain is making me ramble my thoughts but my heads been cluttered lately as i am trying to write my first novels, I am hoping blogging will help so I leave you with this new friends of mine, if you find yourself bored and in need of a mediocre read, I’ll be here for ya haha.


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