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Top o’ the morning to ya

May 16, 2017

Hello all, this is my second blog, the first one hurt a little at first but then it felt kind of nice haha. Right now I am drinking coffee and preparing to dive back into my novel, one of them anyway. I have published works available on amazon called Bullied, 80mg, and Fox Hollows. They are screenplays that I got published through some competitions so for the first part of this blog I will give you the log lines and you can check these fine page turners out if you so desire.

1.) Bullied- A heartbreaking tale of school violence.

2.) 80mg: the story of an Addict- A college film maker starts out with a simple project and discovers that we all have vices, we all have demons.

3.) Fox Hollows- A classic you shouldn’t be here B movie taking place at fox hollow farm in Indiana home of Herbert Baumeister, where over 6,000 human bones were discovered.


Phew, alright then, thank you for sticking with me through the self promotion part of this blog.

Today I would like to tell you about something that disturbed me the other day, I have an instagram, mostly to follow my friends and my favorite celebs, I rarely post on it. The other day I got a new follower, it was a page that looked like a depressed teenager, now I am not sure if this page was a fake but the fact that he’s had 12 posts like that and no one has said boo is disturbing. I pasted the national suicide hotline number but I feel like we ignore these kids. I recently finished 13 reasons why, and then read some of the reviews saying it glorified suicide which i find to be a bit of a stretch, what it did was shove that ugliness that is high school for some kids, more and more these days into the face of the American T.V. watcher.  Maybe it hit me harder because I drew similarities to my own high school which was a rough bumpy road, a story for another blog. In the near future I will be making a page called #youmatter, a place people can come for support through their dark ride of depression and bad days, a place to find maybe inspiring quotes, words of encouragement, and references to those organazations to help if they are really in danger. So many people are silent because they feel their voice doesn’t matter, that they can’t reach out but lets show them they can. I’ve been in that dark hole myself, I’ve considered it even somewhat attempted it but I’m here for a reason, to help people even if just for a minute, always ask, always reach out. Well coffee is almost empty so i must go remedy that but I hope this blog reaches out to people and I am a good listener to anyone out there, and I’ll leave with this, The darkest, loudest storms always have a sunrise just beyond it.


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