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First day of work/paranormal updates

May 20, 2017

Well I have been pretty sick the last few days but I am feeling a little better and today is my first day of work with my new job. I will be a tourist attraction photographer, I am excited.

Lately I’ve been racked with reoccurring nightmares, they seem to pop up every now and again. There has been some paranormal activity in my house as well, little things like hearing my name called, footsteps. I have also been waking up in the middle of the night for no reason feeling like I’m not alone. A few months ago a miniature chair as part of a mini kitchen would fly off the display for no reason. The first few times I would just hear it and find it displaced but one night i was lucky enough to actually see it. It surprised me more than scared me, it wasn’t the first object in the house to move by itself. A few years ago whilst brushing my teeth to go to bed the toothpaste lifted up and launched into the sink, that one made me jump a bit. I am a paranormal researcher so I’ve done tests in the house, taken pictures. When my aunt was in town we did a spirit box session where among others, my brother came through who had recently passed so we attribute some of the activity to him, but I’ve gotten female voices as well so the mystery continues. It is time for more coffee and some breakfast, I will keep posting about my paranormal experiences, I’ve been investigating going on 12 years and it’s been one crazy ride.


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