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May 21, 2017

So first things first, today i went to see Alien: Covenant and I had a blast, I thought it was a good time. It was nice to get out of my house for a bit and enjoy some kit kat popcorn combo. Also on a semi positive note, I got my first day at my new job done without incident.

Because the universe needs balance I’ve actually been in kind of a funk lately, I can’t really explain it, between the nightmares and other things that just seem to annoy the living shit out of me. I am trying to write a fictional novel to settle my grievances and get it out of my head but it’s happening slowly. I don’t know maybe it’s jealously over my friends seemingly moving on and careers and this and that seems like no one really talks to me these days unless under extreme stress but i can only take so much one way friendships, i feel like im always the one reaching out. I’m getting anxious that my screenplays will ever just be that, paperbacks on amazon that no one orders, I am happy they got published but i want them on the screen. And it seems that all my film “friends” keep looking the other way, just very frustrating some days. I guess after years of hearing i wasn’t good enough, or it wouldn’t happen I figured a break would come so I could say well it did happen and I was good enough. I really really have to move out of my parents house, that’s part of the emotional issues I have, most days I am strong like a bull but some days it just really gets to me, this state has some good memories but also a host of nightmarish memories that I’d like to get away from for a while. I guess that’s all for now, lol talking to myself i guess since no one reads this.


Note to self, go write some of that novel.


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